Several Methods Of Securing Router

In these days, the majority of the people are choosing the option of wireless networking because this is the perfect way for setting up the home network. Well, the process of using the router is simple, and we can access it without facing any issue. Still, if you are getting confused in how to access your router then take help from those people, who are already using it.

If we talk about the security of the network, then it is important because sometimes people hack the network and start using the bandwidth. There are plenty of methods present by which we can secure the router. In the further article, you can check out some of the popular methods of router security.

Change the default password

Changing the password is the simplest way for the router security. For this, you are supposed to create a long and strong password so that no one can hack it easily. Sometimes many routers are shipped with the same password. So, everyone knows the password, and the chances of hacking the network are high. That’s why always change the default password because people may know it.

Turn off logging and disable WPS

Turning off the logging can contribute a lot in maintaining the privacy of the router. In order to do this, you just need to go to the option of log and then click on the disable. By this, no one will be allowed to access the network.

In addition to this, we can easily set up the Wi-Fi encryption between the clients and the router. This is considered as the perfect way to get the protected Wi-Fi network. Most of the times, the WPS is enabled on routers by default, so you should turn it off and get the security in a proper manner.